Anouk Ruhaak

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As a freelance web and mobile developer, I love to be involved with the development process from the very beginning: turning ideas into functional prototypes and prototypes into full-fledged apps. Alternatively, I can be brought in to debug and further develop existing apps.

My go-to languages and frameworks include Objective C / Swift / iOS (I have multiple apps in the Appstore), Javascript / React.js and Python / Flask. In the past, I have built open source plugins for Discourse in Ruby / Rails / Ember.js.

When I’m not busy building apps, you can probably find me playing around with new programming languages, learning more functional programming and digital security, or organizing events as a director of Women Who Code Berlin.

Talks & Tutorials

I document what I learn in the hopes that it could benefit others

How to Survive Crappy Internet

A talk about how to build apps that are able to withstand crappy network conditions, given at GOTO Amsterdam 2016. Slides.

Get Started With Functional Programming.

Talk at OTSConf 2015. Talk. Slides.

Functional Programming With Python.

Functional programming is getting loads of attention and with it comes a lot of confusion. This tutorial explains what it is all about and has you writing functional code in Python, in a matter of minutes. Also includes challenges. Link.

How to serve static pages with Dokku and Jekyll

Nine step tutorial that takes you from zero to having your blog published. Link.


Some of the projects I worked on over the last year.

Staramba 3D

An iOS app that allows you to take a 3D Selfie, select a football player and receive a 3D printed figurine of you next to your favorite football player. The app was built for Dacuda, a company specializing in 3D scanning and virtual reality. App Store

Discourse Plugins.

Discourse is an open source discussion platform - written in Ruby on Rails and Ember.js. It helps communities develop, by facilitating easy communication and sharing of ideas. I help my clients tailor this software to the needs of their individual communities, by building plugins. Also, I'm in the process of developing an open source plugin for a personal project, TechTalks.

Anonymous Review App.

A web app aimed to remove unwelcome biases from the Hackership application review process - written in React.js and Flask. It allows an admin to anonymize student applications, after which reviewers can read, make comments, send e-mails and change the status of the application. Still very much in development. Github.


An iOS app to discover life music events, listen to music from events and participate in ticket lotteries. App was voted best newcomer in the German Appstore. App Store. Screenshots.


Some observations.

Why Tech Bashing Is Harmful.

Berating someone's choice of technology can be incredibly demotivating for especially the beginning developer. Includes some tips for dealing with tech bashers. Link.

Stop Perpetuating An Outdated Education Model

A rant about education and code schools. Link.

'Did I Only Get In Because I'm a Woman?'

How we, Hackership, came to the decision to create an anonymous application review process and how we went about it. Link.