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Anouk Ruhaak

Anouk Ruhaak is an internationally renowned data governance expert. With a background in political economy, software development and system thinking, she is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic view on federated data governance - weaving together the technical, governance and legal aspects of Federated Data systems and Distributed Computational Governance models.

As a Senior Fellow at the Mozilla Foundation, Anouk pioneered work on data trusts and data commons. Anouk has spoken at numerous conferences, has written extensively on data governance and collective consent and serves as an advisor to governments, nonprofits and startups.

Data Governance

We are recording and storing astronomical amounts of data. Data that could help us make better decisions, allocate resources in socially and environmentally optimal ways and help coordinate our collective actions. For that to happen we need novel approaches to data stewardship that combine the technical elements of data systems and data federation, with a deep understanding of the human needs on the ground. As a data governance consultant I combine my experience in governance as well as my technical background to help my clients navigate this complex landscape.

Writings and Talks

I have written and spoken extensively about data governance models, privacy and surveillance.
Sample writings:

Sample talks:

Radical Engineers

Faced with the threat of mass extinction, a warming globe and rising inequality, we cannot afford to merely fight symptoms, but have to instead radically rethink the economic and social systems that produce them. I founded Radical Engineers to provide radical organisations with the technical resources they need to be effective.

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Lasting change happens in collaboration. We need to grow communities of trust that bridge our different social layers and geographies. Communities that allow us to experiment with new forms of governance, economic systems and solidarity. I help build these communities as an ambassador for the Embassy Network, a community of intentional co-living houses and as a fellow at Newspeak House, a college for political technologists.

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