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Anouk Ruhaak

I have a background in political economics and software development. Over the past decade, I developed my research skills as an economic analyst and investigative journalist, worked as a software developer and founded several communities in the tech space. I currently run a pilot on data trusts for the Open Data Institute in London.

Data Governance

We are recording and storing astronomical amounts of data. Data that could help us make better decisions, allocate resources in socially and environmentally optimal ways and help coordinate our collective actions. For that to happen we need to make it available to the commons, while safeguarding individual and collectives privacies. I research new modes of data sharing as a lead consultant for the Open Data Institute, working on data trusts. I advice Social Observatory on data commons and work with health data startup CoverUS on the creation of a data sharing & consent protocol. I write about data governance as part of the Data Critiques project and on my personal blog.

Investigative / Data Journalism

Platform Investico ​​​is an independent investigative journalism bureau in the Netherlands. We ​engage in three month long research projects around structural societal issues, working with ​Trouw​, ​Groene Amsterdammer​, ​Argos Radio and ​Nieuwsuur to ensure our research reaches a broad audience. I personally focus on data use, privacy and surveillance. Next to traditional investigative techniques, I employ data science methods and digital tools to find new stories in data sets.

Radical Engineers

Faced with the threat of mass extinction, a warming globe and rising inequality, we cannot afford to merely fight symptoms, but have to instead radically rethink the economic and social systems that produce them. I founded Radical Engineers to provide radical organisations with the technical resources they need to be effective.

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Lasting change happens in collaboration. We need to grow communities of trust that bridge our different social layers and geographies. Communities that allow us to experiment with new forms of governance, economic systems and solidarity. I help build these communities as an ambassador for the Embassy Network, a community of intentional co-living houses and as a fellow at Newspeak House, a college for political technologists.

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